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Hello! Welcome to my House of Blog.

 I thought a brief explaination was due. The rooms (pages) are different topics for your reading pleasure.

For example, under My Living Room you will find: "Guestbook" is where you let me know you were here, feedback and such. Please sign in the guest book, I would love to answer a question or say thank you directly to you.

 "Thought of the day" is where you are most likely to find the newest content in this site. This is where I will post most of my pure unadulterated opinions!

"The Constitution" pages are research I have done and my opinions on the Constitutional Amendments.

"Contributors" is where I have shared other peoples work. All of them are people who said stuff I like or who made a point in an excellent way. Either way there will be information and ideas shared here.

Video Game Reviews is just that. I will be writing reviews of games I have played or watched someone play; and give a review from a "mature" perspective.

 Video Of The Day is a video I feel relevent, entertaining or informatives. I have moved the news page under here. "Breaking News" is just that, a story that is newsworthy or in some way relevant.

"The Bedroom" is where privacy belongs, so: "My story" is a brief (for now) explaination of where I came from and my lifes experiences. "A new chapter for me" is mostly my statement of how I have begun to do new things.

My Kitchen Table is on place where we have seroius talks, for example:  "Activism" is where I will be putting items related to my activism or activists I wish to highlight. 

"Faith of My Father" are papers written by my dad. They are what he believed and the explaination of why he believed it.

  In My Kitchen you will find videos of the chopped style challenge sent to me by my sister Lori. It was all I got posted to YouTube before my old hard drive crashed. Newly added is the "Recipe Book" page, this is where I will be posting food related stories and recipes.

And finally, "Classifieds" are, well, classifieds. These are folks I know who have a product or sevice to offer; people I recommend.

There will be updates to different pages at any given time, and occasionally I will go back and edit old material. So there is plenty to see and do here! I hope everyone has an enjoyable and entertaining read while here. I will be posting more items as they come to me and am sure to have opinions on many topics! Enjoy! 




The Capitol Building

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Madison Rising arguably the most patriotic band ever!

My Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in this website are mine and mine alone, except where noted as belonging to another. I am also equal opportunity, I will offend everyone sooner or later. Many folks, groups and functions that I associate with (or work for and with) do not share my opinions. Please do not assume that anyone I am associated with necessarily holds any similar opinions or feelings. If you wish to reproduce anything in the site please request permission at:

Thank You,

Treva Harper